10 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students Without Investment


Hello everyone if you are looking for online part time jobs without investment for the extra money. Here we are providing you Part-Time Jobs For College Student Without Investment.There are many jobs apart from data entry jobs which can help you to earn money. People can work online and offline and earn up to 200$ and more. It depends on  your working skills, time and education. Trust me on that I am also doing in part time and earning well from them. Now people want to earn some extra money apart from their regular income. Especially college student, they can earn as much as they want and the best part is they don’ have to spend any money for that.

Best Part Time Online Jobs For College Student Without Investment

These jobs don’t need much time you can do in your part time and make money for your daily use. Ounce you start making money from these jobs then money will attract money. There are lots of home based jobs that you can choose from the below list.

Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

This job is one of the best Part Time Online Jobs For College Student Without Investment. This is a very basic job of typing all you have to do type in English or Hindi. You don’t have to require any kind of special skills for this job.                                                                                                                       Data Entry Jobs from Home

You will be asked to type article, news on MS word or text file for that your typing skill need to be 25-30 WPM (word per minute). If you are having 30 or more than 30 WPM speed than this job is for you.

Online Captcha Entry Typing Jobs From Home

Captcha is an image with numbers and letters which can only solve by the human.It is used for identifying whether a user is a human or robot.                                                            Captcha Entry Job

There are many companies who are heir people for solve captcha. They provide you a company software in which you can log in with id and password and do you work. There is some of the best captcha entry site to earn money online:-

 Genuine And Trusted Online Paid Survey Jobs

Online Survey filling form is an another best online data entry job. All the best companies always want to know about the their company,w hat people like about them and what not. For that, they do an online survey actually they don’t do that some other company help them.                           online survey jobs Now i am sure you have a lot of questions like where you will find, how to do online survey jobs. Keep calm here you can find your answers, I am also providing you the genuine paid surveys in India. All the information you want you find their.

Genuine online form filling jobs without investment

As its name say form filling ,this job is all about form filling.This is also an online data entry job and typing job.  Top 10 best PART TIME ONLINE and Offline JOBS FROM HOMEThere are many companies provide this kind of work, they will give you id and password which will help you to login into the their panel and you can fill form but keep that into you mind that you have to enter the value in each and every field. Once you complete your form, then you need to submit the form online.

PTC Site List-PTC Paid To Click Online Jobs

If you ever heard about PTC site you what it does if not don’t worry. PTC( Pay to Click) is a site where you can register yourself and get paid by just clicking and visiting the advertisement.This is the trusted method by use.We also providing you some of the Genuine PTC Site List:-

1. Clixsense

2. Neobux

3. GPTPlanet

Medical Transcriptionist jobs from home no experience 

One of the highest paying job among them. In this job, you need to write medical text provided by the company in an image format. The image format is so hard to understand so you  have to more concentrate. The words you are converting are the medical term so this word must be correct otherwise, you won’t be pay by the company.                                                                                Medical Transcriptional Jobs

There is some site who offers medical transcription work and pay you well for that:-

E-Mail Forwarding Jobs from home without investment

It is also one of best, home job without investment. In this work you need an active internet connection. You will be asked to forward emails on others email-id which is provided by the company.              E-Mail ForwardingWhen you forward an email to any person and company get a response from that person you will be paid for that so it’s totally based on the response of the mail you forward.

SMS Sending Jobs From Home Without Investment

This is also a promotion work. This is slightly different work you have to send sms to other people so they also get to know about the product,brand or service,whatever you are promoting by SMS.                                                                                                                                      SMS Sending Jobs

Promotion Jobs from Home without Investment

This kind of work base on digital marketing work. Today there are lot-of new brands and products are lunching so they all want to promote themselves. So there are companies who do this kind of work so you can join them and work. By each successful promotion you’ll get paid.

Promotion Referral Program

Micro Job for Home Without Investment

There are many micro jobs offering companies who offer the micro job for extra earning.They offer small job like small data entry work.                                                                                     Micro Job Micro jobs are like a painting work or making a power point presentation on any topic.

Trusted Online Website Content Writer Job From Home Online Content Writer Job From Home 

There are many online websites where you can write content or article on some topic and get paid for that also.If you are interested in earning money online from content writing job from home so there are a lot of websites which will pay you for that.But your English skill bust is good and vocab also.There is one more thing about your content, must be unique please do not use copy and past content otherwise you won’t be pay by your client.The best content writing job is available in this city Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Bangalore.These are the best city to work as a content writer.There are many online websites where you can find online content writing jobs:

Convert Audio into Text

In this work, you need to hear an audio file and type all that audio file into a text file. In this work, you need to focus on audio file for that you need a great hearing skill and good vocab.                  Convert Audio into Text

 Tutoring Legitimate Online Work At Homeonline tutor job

Online Teaching job is one of the best jobs in the word. The best thing is you can earn as much you want. Now peoples are moving to online tutor because they are getting facility at their home and for that they don’t have to travel anywhere. Many of the companies working in this sector and they are teaching the foreign student as well as Indian also. The salary is also good so people are moving towards the online tutor jobs.

Like on Facebook Post

Yes you heard right by Facebook you can also earn.There are many company who promote themselves by Facebook likes. All you have to do refer their page to your friends or any other unknown people after they liked the page and submitting their details for once you get paid.


So, guys, these are Top 10 Best Part Time Online Jobs For College Student Without Investment. There could be many other online typing data entry jobs for extra money but These are all method which are tried to us for part time online work. So lets us know what suits you better. You can also refer your friend, relative or neighbors so they also knew about online work.


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      All you need to sign in these site and start your work. These sites can give you a handsome money with in a month if you keep doing work on them. So, let’s start your work and if you have anyother queries feel free to ask.

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