Learn Web Design From Scratch & Learn wordpress basic

Have you know see what my blog content is most about right? And I also believe that this may be the reason why you visit my blog and see this article – it’s about getting to know about WordPress – learn web design from scratch
an open source that helps you make your own website fast.

And if you want to learn how to make your own website, you can learn how to use WordPress to get your website up and running without much programming knowledge. And if you want to learn how to make a website with WordPress, the 48 is course web tutorials in this series will be for you, including you who are not yet familiar.

What will you learn from this set?
A lot, I’m confident telling you that. During the months of operation, I received a lot of basic WordPress questions like

How to create a wordpress website?”, “how to use wordpress?”, “how to install wordpress in cpanel?”, … blah … .blah …

All these questions prompted me to complete this lesson very soon and thank God for blessing me to finish it.

In this series of lessons, you will start with the most basic knowledge essential for all those who wish to do and manage a website using WordPress. From the knowledge, the terms of hosting to using it to put up WordPress and finally to perfect WordPress site with a huge plugin and WordPress theme.

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