Earn Money Online By Playing Games Without Investment : A Complete Guide


Is it possible to earn money online by playing games, yes it is possible now. In this article we are going to tell you that, how can you make money by playing games on your smartphone or laptop. There are a lot of people who are interested in playing games till they are doing in free but from now they can earn money with playing games on the phone. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you are using, I mean the same app is available for android, iPhone and windows phones also.

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The important thing is money you are earning in the form of bitcoin. Means your earning is bitcoin letter on you can convert that into your local currency and the local currency must be USD, INR, GBP and EURO. To manage your bitcoin accounts you need to download an application. You can download BitCoin Hunter from Play store, Apple store,  Lumia Store. You need to sign into this app, it needs an email account after you enter email address this app create an account on xapo automatically. This is your bitcoin wallet now complete the further process and set a password for this wallet.

Earn Money Online By Playing Games

Wheel of Bitcoin: –make money online with playing game

This game is one of the best game to earn money online. You will earn money in bitcoin as we already told you. It is a simple spinning game of bitcoin.You just need to spin the wheel and wait for the stop the wheel. When wheel stop and you can claim the amount. If you want to earn more than spin the wheel again and earn more there are very few chances of that the winning amount could be double.

You can download the game by clicking on this Link: –  Wheel Of Bitcoin

BitCoin Hunter: –

earn online bitcoin

Bitcoin hunter is another best game for earn money online without investment. This game is so much interesting and adventurous. In this game very time you make a right move and reached the goal without stucking into land mines then bitcoin will be added to your account.

Bitcoin Wonder: –

Earn money online

This game totally depends upon your luck. In this game, there is a machine every time you play this game this machine gives you certain amount of money which will be added to your account. There are many modes available which will help you to earn more bitcoin.

If you refer these apps to your friends and they start playing these game them, you will receive some reward it could be bitcoin or anything.

Penalty Hero: – earn many online with playing games

If you football lover then you should play this game. In this game all, you have to shoot the penalty and every successful shoot you will be rewarded. By referring this game to your friend, neighbours, relatives you’ll earn reward also.


Paid Game Player is a online site to earn money by playing game. All you need to do create an account on this site and here you go. If you want to donwload the game then this facility is also available on this site. There are a lot of game on this site which can give you a good amount of money. You can also earn more money by reffering your friends everytime you reffer your friend you earn some fixed amount of money from that.



Cash Dazzle is a great site to earn money by playing games. But Frist you need to create an account and then you are good to go. All you have to do play games on this site the best part is your earning will be in “$” so you don’t need any bitcoin account. The money can directly transfer into your bank acoount. So, let’s start playing game on this site.


lalalootLalaLoot is the another best site to earn money by playing game. They encourages you to view ads and play game to collect enough free tokens during the first 5 days. Then you use these tokens to participate in various sorts of fun and addictive games that win you cash and prizes. There is also this daily draw with at least $10,000 prize money. As you play more, you get more chances to be that lucky winner!

World Winner


World Winner is also offers you to earn money online by playing game. Here is the best part they a lof of games like rummy, poker, solitare. These games are addictive also, once you start playing them you will take more interste into them. So, start playing games and earn money from them.

These are the some best games and sites, which will help you to earn money online by playing games on mobile phone. You can goin any of them they all are ligitmate. But still i will say do not rely on a particular one. Try more them one so you can earn a handsome money from that. Share this article with your friends, they will also get to know about the intersting way to earn money.

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