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Chandigarh is the first city who is well planned and clean city. Chandigarh is the heart of Punjab. Chandigarh is a city and union territory in India that serves as the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab. The day by day this city making more progress today this city. In the last few years city have become a second home for IT industry and for small projects also. Students are coming to study and work. Now where a student came, jobs are always there. So there is some students are asking from us if there is any part time job in Chandigarh. Here we come up with the part time jobs in Chandigarh without investment for college students.part time jobs in chandigarh

Before we getting start with it let me tell you that, there are many other part-time jobs but not all of them legitimate. So, from our personal experience, we came up with these jobs. They all are trusted and legitimate part time jobs in Chandigarh.

Part Time Jobs In Chandigarh for Fresher

Part Time Data Entry Jobs Chandigarh

part time data entry jobs in chandigarh

Data entry job is the best part time job in Chandigarh for student without investment, as the name says data entry. All you do just fill up the data into the computer and submit it. You can earn as much as money you want because this job totally depends upon the man work. The Important par of the job is you don’t have to do any hard work and if you don’t have any special skill then this job is the best for you. You can do this job from anywhere all you need an active internet connection. There are many companies who offer this kind of work. Here is some of the most trusted data entry job that you can do:-

Online Survey Filling Jobs In Chandigarh

online survey filling jobs in chandigarhOnline survey filling jobs is also one of the best part-time jobs for students without investment. This is job can be done at your home also without investment. If you search on the google for this job you’ll find a lot of companies but trust me on that most of them are the scam. Frist, they will be asked you to submit some amount of money as security and then they will pay you. Guy’s don’t trust them this job is fully free and without investment. We collected some of the best survey sites to earn money:-

Survey Savvy



Part Time Teaching Jobs In Chandigarh

Part Time Teaching Jobs In Chandigarh

Teaching jobs are one of the best jobs to do in your part-time as well as full-time. A teacher has respect and reputation in society and when you are doing it in your free time it gives more than respect. Now today people are doing this job online. There are many sites how offers you this kind of work online and pay you well for that. All you need to sing up there and select the subject you want to teach. Some of the sites are given below for online teaching Jobs without investment:-




Tourist Guide Jobs In Chandigarh

Tourist Guide Jobs In India

Chandigarh is the city where people of comes to visit. There are a lot of tourist place all over the Chandigarh. If you can well explain to them then you can do this job. All you need to do just contact to any tourist company and tell them about yourself. Whenever they have any tours for you they will call you and you can start your work. This is one of the highest part time job, because you can also make this as your professional career. If your tourist like the service of your then you can also get some extra money. Now we are providing you the sites where you can find tourist guide jobs:-

Part Time Delivery Boy Jobs In Chandigarh

Part Time Delivery Boy Jobs In Chandigarh

This is another part time jobs a college student can do. To do this job you have to know the place where you are going to do this job. I mean now you that you have to deliver some article on the random address so to get to the address you have some idea about that place otherwise, you’ll not deliver that. So first know that place very well and then you can do this job. Here is some of the sites who offers you this kind of work:-



Guys, the jobs mention above are the part time jobs in Chandigarh without investment. These are the job meant for the college student can do. They all are trusted and legitimate also. You can do any of them and more than one at a time. Go ahead choose one of them and tell us which one suits you better. If you have any other jobs for college student then tell us through comment.




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