5 Online Part Time Work From Home Jobs in Chennai Without Investment


If you search on Google you will found lots of Work from home jobs in Chennai but i can bet that 90% of them are either fake or of no use. If some company or agencies tells you to provide online part time jobs in Chennai and ask you some money in advance. Then do not trust them. Not at all. Your time and money all will go waste.

Work From Home Jobs in Chennai

Choosing a Right Part Time Home Based Jobs in Chennai

I have and you too have also heard lots of story about these online jobs or typing jobs. Let me tell you one of the story. One of my friend, who has financial crises was looking for job and then he found the ad of some home based jobs on OLX. He visited the office of the company which is situated in Ashok Nagar in Chennai  for inquiry and they said its a normal data entry job and gave him some sample.

They said that they will take some Rs 2500 advance and will do some legal stamp and notary work. They will install a software on your laptop, so you can work online. Some of his friend was also working with this company and they confirmed the payment of 2-3 months. So he joined. They said you can easily earn Rs 15000 by this work.

After joining and working for 2 days he found that its too difficult and he can not work. He asked the company for refund. But they denied. And after reading some forums online about the same company, i found that there are lots of issues and cases like him.

There are lots of other story like one friend deposit advance of 10K and worked for 1 month and then they said your work has lots of mistake. His work and money got waste.

After analyzing, i found if they ask money in advance, then definitely there is more to it than meets the eyes. So never trust such companies or people, you will regret at the end. You will not get any money, certificate and even this will not count as your experience.

5 Trustful Work From Home Jobs in Chennai Without Investment

But there are many legitimate online part time jobs that you can do from home with investment. Let me tell you some of them with details. But first thing i want to clear that these jobs take time so you need to be patience and also need hard work. But once set you do not need to worry, money will start flowing and you will also enjoy the work.

5Content Writing Jobs

If you have good English and have skills of writing then you can opt for this job. I have personally done this job in my earlier year of blogging. When i started my journey with make money online. I was not having money and it was very difficult to survive. So i decided to start content writing jobs.

Where to Get Content Writing Work ?

There are lots of BUY & Sell groups on Facebook. Yes, i got my work from these groups only. At these groups lots of people post their requirement for content writing or article writing. You can also post your work as a content writer for seeking work. Normally you can charge Rs 100-500 for a 500 word article, depends on your quality. And you can ask for payment when you deliver the work. So with this you can easily earn 8-20K if you write 2 article daily.

If you become professional then there are lots of good site that pay high like Toptenz, listverse, these sites pay $100-$200 for a single article.

4Work as a Freelancer From Home

Though the content writing job from is also a freelancer work. But there are lots of other work that you can do. Just find out what you are good at and then post your expertise on the freelancer websites. You can easily get the work from there.

It can be anything like logo design, video editing, WordPress installation and lots of other simple work. Just check out sites like fever, you will found lots of options. And the best part of this is your payment is safe with the company, so when you deliver the work they will transfer it to your account. So no worry related to payment.

3Blogging – Make Money Online

This word is trending these days in India. Daily some 100s of blogs get started in India. You might also find some blogger in your area. You will find on many people FB profile that CEO of xyz.com. Yes its a very easy to start a blog and be the company owner. You will be your own boss. But if you want to succeed in blogging then you need to have lots of patience and of course lots of hard work is required.

Its like a business, that take atleast 3-6 month to get the return. But here the investment is very low almost nil and return is also good if you work hard. You can easily earn from Rs 10000 to Rs 1000000 or more by sitting at home. I will not go in detail of this field as its a very wide topic.

There are lots of famous pro bloggers in Chennai. You can contact them ask for help.

2Earn Money From Youtube

If you have some skills like video editing, animation or you are good at acting, anchoring, singing. And if you are looking for some platform to show your talent to get famous and earn money. Then its the best platform. You do not need to go anywhere. Just explore and plan what you can give to this society to entertain them.

Yes as most of the people comes to YouTube to get entertain. Its like a modern world TV. There are lots of people from India and Chennai that got success in Youtube. And now they are celebrity and there earning is more then a stable company. Like TVF, BB ki Vines, Funk You etc.

You can also be the one of them.

1Affiliate or Internet Marketing

This term might look new to you but everyone of u is very familiar to this kind of job. Its kind of blogging only. In Affiliate marketing, you will get paid some commission when some on buy something from some store with your link. Most of the online store have their affiliate panel, you can easily create your account there. Like Flipkart, Amazon etc. There are other third party affiliate network also like VCommission, Payoom etc.

You will get the tracking link of the product or store from these panel, you can promote your link through your social media profile like FB groups, pages or through your website. When some one buy from your link. Some commission depend on the product and store will be credited to your account.

Its look simple but its very hard to promote your link. You should have good connection or group and peoples who follows you. If you have some FAQ then you can get it clear from my affiliate marketing guide.

According to my experience of 5 years in this field. I have listed these best part time jobs in Chennai. You can select any of the work from home jobs in Chennai from these 5. If you need more details about any of them then keep reading by blog or subscribe to my blog. You will get direct update of new methods to make money through part time jobs from home on your mail.

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