Weekend Jobs In Bangalore 2016-17 Job Vacancy For Students, Fresher


Banglore is one of the fastest growing city today. Each and everyday people came to Bangalore to earn money and want to get employed in Bangalore. There are Young students, women, fresher and college students want to do Part time jobs and some extra income. If you live in Bangalore & looking for part time weekned jobs in Bangalore then this article is meant for you. Read this article till the end if you want work from home jobs in Bangalore.  There are a lot of options for the students who wants part time job in Bangalore.work part time jobs

There are some of the best part time jobs without investment in your city that you could do.

Part Time Jobs in Bangalore Without Investment: Work from home jobs in Bangalore

If you are living in Bangalore and looking for some weekend Jobs In Bangalore or your friend living in Bangalore then you can refer our this post. Now check here the list of part time work which you can start without investment and make money from that.

Data Entry Jobs In Bangalore Without Investment

Data entry jobs without investment is one of the easiest jobs you can do in Bangalore. In this job you need to finish a particular number of files and you get paid for that. data entry jobs in bangaloreThe files you need to type those file into Microsoft word or excel format. This is the reason behind, the first part-time job in our list is data entry job. There are many companies who provides you to do this work. Some of them are also offline data entry jobs. If you  are interested in data entry jobs then it could be one of the best part-time job from home for you.

Ad Posting jobs In Banglore Without Investment

This is second best part time job for college students can do in Bangalore to make money.  You can make money by posting ads or clicking on them is just like taking up surveys. ad posting jobsThere are some sites who provides kind of work we call them PTC siteOn these sites all you need to register and fill your all details and then you are good to go.


make money from blogging

This is one of my favorite part time online job is blogging. Blogging is the universal job in any other city in the country. To do this job all you need a hobby and start to write about it and share with the world. If you don’t have any technical knowledge then don’t worry, there is no need of that. To start your own blog and all other information you will find on the internet and there are many companies who will help you out.

 Online Survey Jobs In Banglore Without Investment

Online survey jobs in banglore

Online survey job without investment is another best part time job that can be done in your part time and earn money from that. There are many companies who provide this kind of work you can connect with them and start your work. You will be paid for each successful survey you have done, and also sometimes you will get some extra money if you perform well. You can check this if you want to Online Survey Jobs Without Investment From Home.

Online Data Entry Jobs In Banglore

online data entry jobs in banglore

Just like offline jobs for students without investment here is also online data entry work. There is only one difference, your all work done on online after finishing your assignment or project and submit online through email. To get more information if you want to earn money from online data entry jobs.

Part Time Medical Transcriptionist Jobs

medical transcriptionist jobs in Banglore

I know you might have heard about medical transcriptionist jobs. In this job you have to write medical terms from a recording or image and after finishing your work submit it. You will be get paid for that. This kind of work can also do from home also. Nowadays people are doing this job a full time also so decide it whether you want to do as a part time or full time.

Freelance Jobs in Banglore

freelancer jobs in banglore

There are many Freelance jobs first you have to select what kind of exact job you want to do. There are many sites who offer this kind of work. There are some of the best Freelancing sites they are genuine and trusted sites. You can create account and find jobs you want to do, price, deadline. The freelancing jobs can do from home also. You don’t have to go anywhere to do this job. The best part is you have the power to decide your price and the deadline of work. As soon as you finish your job you get more jobs to do. You can earn money as you want.

Online Tutor Jobs in Banglore From Home

online tutor jobs in banglore

You have heard about tutor jobs as offline on that kind of job first you have to go to the tuition center and the teach there. But this job you can also do as the online tutor. There are many sites who provide you this job at your home. There are some of the best Online Tutor Job sites, here you will get all the information you want. You can arrange a conference on Skype and start giving the lecture. The best part is you can record the lecture and then your student follow that.

Content Writer Jobs In Banglore 

content writer jobs in Banglore

Content writer jobs are slightly difficult, first, you have the knowledge of that topic you are going to write. You can also do this job as full time. There are many companies who hire writer for their site and product and they paid well for that. If you are good at writing then this job is meant for you. To get these jobs you can go for freelancer sites, that will help you get more jobs.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs In Banglore

affiliate marketing job in bangloreAffiliate marketing is a very popular term and I am sure you have heard about that. Peoples are earning money as mush as they want. In this job you have to sell products of the particular company or brand and you will get paid for that. if you are working online on blogs and websites. Here you sell products online and make money. Again it is difficult as experienced bloggers become affiliate marketers. So start with blogging first.


Reader these are the best part time weekend jobs for students in Bangalore which you can easily do.After a long research, we listed them, they all are trusted and genuine work. You can do these work from your home also.


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