Part Time Jobs In Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra | Weekend Jobs In Mumbai For College Students


Mumbai the city of Dream, a city where anyone could be an anything. This city is meant for the people for who wants to do something good with their life. Students came here to study and then settled here for the life long. In this city everyone is busy in his life actually, they all want to be rich to full fill their dream. Now we are here to tell you about the jobs in Mumbai. You can do these jobs in part-time for some extra income or make them your regular work. Students are always want to do something new and fresh, so here is that. These are the best part time jobs in Mumbai for college student without investment.

part time jobs in mumbai

Peoples who looking for online part time jobs without investment which is trusted and working from home work. Here in this post, we are going to provide online jobs without investment in Mumbai From home. Now if you search on google part time jobs in Mumbai, you’ll get a lot of sites but you can’t trust them all. Most of them are the scam they waste your time and money. So that’s why we are providing you the all legitimate part time jobs in Mumbai for students from home. The jobs we are providing you can do anyone, I mean they not meant for any professional person even I would love to say these are the best part time jobs in Mumbai for freshers.

Part Time Jobs In Mumbai For College Students

Online Data Entry Jobs In Mumbai Without Investment

Home Based Data Entry Jobs without Investment

This is the very first job I would like to introduce to you. The Online Data entry work without investment is the best job for the fresher and college student. You don’t need any special kind of skill to do this, all you need typing speed and that’s it. In my personal experience, people are earning enough money from this job. Now there are so many companies who provides this kind of work but most of them are the scam. They asked you for some money to deposit and then provides you the work, don’t trust them. That will waste your time and money both. Check below some sites given which offering online data entry work:-

  1. Capital is typing
  2. HEA-Employment
  3. Virtual Bee

Online Survey Jobs In Mumbai Without Investment

online survey job in mumbai without investment

Online survey job for student without investment is the another most trusted job,  to do this job you also don’t need some special kind skill or anything. All you have to complete a simple survey and you will get paid for that. There are many companies who offer this kind of work. But you can’t trust them all, as a beginner it’s hard to find out who is fraud or not. You can check below for the online survey sites:-

  1. iPanelOnline
  2. E-research-global
  3. Tellypulse
  4. SurveyHead   

Cab Driver Job In Mumbai Without Investmentcab driver jobs in mumbai

Cab driver job is one of the highest paying job among. Into cab driver job you don’t have investment anything, all you need to know how to drive a car and a smartphone. If you don’t have that don’t worry company will provide you that also. There are many companies who heir driver like Uber, Ola cab services, Taxi For Sure, Meru CabsThese are the best cab services around India. 

Part Time Teaching Jobs In Mumbai Without Investment

online part time teaching job in mumbaiThere is another best opportunity to do in your part time and that is teaching job. The Part-time teaching job without investment is the best way to earn a handsome money for yourself. The best part is you can do this work online from home means you don’t have to go anywhere to teach. There are many companies who provides this kind of work online. All you have to do just register there and then they take the test of your skills. After that, they allow a student to you. The best part is if you are not available on that time some time then you can record your lecture and your student can watch it.

Language Transcriber Jobs In Mumbai Without InvestmentIanguage Transcriber Jobs In Mumbai Without Investment

As the name says language transcriber is the person who describes any language into another. Now this language could be any like Russian, English, Janapies etc. It depends on upon the company you are working for. There are many companies who gives you an audio and then you have to transcribe on paper I mean in written. There are some policies like you can not disclose that into public,if you do then you have to face consequences. To find this job is you can do to the given link:-

  1. Indeed Jobs
  2. Up work
  3. LinkedIn
  4. doparttime


So, friends these are the best lagitmate part time jobs in mumbai for college student can do without invesment. The best part is you dont have to investment any single money to these jobs. You can choose any of them as part time and if you think you can make more money then go with as your regular also. Let us know which suits you better and why, if face any kind of problem then tell us through comment section.


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