How to find backlinks of a website help you better in seo strategy and build backlinks system, and checking your competitors.

How to find backlinks of a website quick for any site

You are conducting a website seo or promoting a set of keywords the construction of backlinks is very important.
In this article I will guide you how to find backlinks of a website quickly, you can statistically track all backlinks from any website

Check backlinks to your website

A awesome tool for you check your backlinks your website that is “Search Console”

here you can see all the internal link and the backlinks to site

Check backlinks of any website

This will help you know where your competitors are from backlink sources and how many, quality or not.

Moz is a big and reputable company on seo, the Link Explorer tool helps you do this, other free site check free:

There are many other tools but I recommend using Moz, because it is very fast and many other benefits such as Inbound Links
linking domains, anchor text, top pages, discovered and lost, compare link profiles, spam score, link tracking lists….

There are also other tools like Semrush, Arhefs, but if you are looking for a free link building tools I have a share article for you to read it.

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