If you want to find an automatic article sharing tool then tutorial How to use IFTTT for SEO will help you have quality backlink source and traffic quickly.

How to use IFTTT for SEO, best ifttt recipes automatically share articles

You are looking for a tool that can automatically share articles from your web pages to your social networking sites, forums, or archives. This guide is a useful article for you. What is IFTTT? How to use IFTTT for SEO?


There are many definitions of IFTTT you can find on google, here I do not want to say, you just need to know how to use IFTTT can automatically post the posts from your website to hundreds of social networking sites and other big social network as Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, …

This is great for website SEO and backlinks construction, all will get quality backlinks from reputable sites just to save you time and health, keep in mind that you will continue to be the source. Traffic from this large on your website quickly.


Set up RSS feeds from your site

To share your article page on another site, you first need to check the RSS feed data from your site by: Type your browser’s firefox toolbar: youdomain.com/feed as shown below.


In  to benefit SEO, we need to add steps for RSS to display the entire content.



To display the full content we need to use the plugin SM RSS PLUGIN

This is a popular plugin by SEMANTICMASTERY that can use it safely. To download, you can go to google search “SM RSS PLUGIN”. I have stored it on google drive you can dowload  here:  Dowload sm rss plugin

Continues we can setup  Yoast SEO

Continues we can setup  plugin Sm rss


Use a custuom url: please enter random text you wan

Content is displayed After the feed you can coppy:

{Read full here | Read full post | Read full content | Read more | See full content here | See full content here | View full content | View more | See more} : %%postlink%%

Check rss

To use IFTTT, your site’s data source must be valid, please check it, at google search engine type “w3c validator rss

This is a valid rss source you can use ifttt


If you use free hosting then I am sure that your rss source is invalid with r3 validator w3c. This means you can not use IFTTT, which means you can not develop SEO. The reason why I will have the article explained to you



Use IFTTT to for seo

To use it for seo please go to google search: IFTTT RSS



It’s a great app store, now you can use it. Remember to create your account before using, social networking or sites such as bitly, wordpress.com, google dive, Medium … you need an account.

If you’re really lazy I’ll give you a list of recipes here: best free ifttt recipes


An example I did with Bitly you can see


Ok done, any questions please leave comments!





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